Uppdated 2004 05 24


My project:

Ford Galaxie Sunliner 1959



I bought the car in august -01

It has been sleeping in a hangar in Texas since -75 so there is quite a lot of work to be done.

New pics and info will be here as often as I have the time.

Questions or ideas - feel free to contact me

Some links



Just after purchase


The easy part - the disassembly



2002 01 10

Wow !!!
The roof works


2002 02 05

Frame off time.

Does anyone know why there is a body to frame insulator taped to the frame?
Was that a normal procedure on the factory?


2002 05 01

Now the frame is blasted and painted. Brakes and bushings are next.
The body is blasted and protected with some paint.


2002 10 15

All rust has been taken care of.
Body has been stripped to the metal on the outside
( I could not blast because the risk for deformations )


2002 12 03

The frame is almost done
and the body will go to the paint shop hopefully in the end of january.


2003 01 20

Some metal work


2003 03 30

After the usual delays it's finally time for some paint.


2003 04 07

Back from the paint shop.
Now the fun begins !!!


2003 05 07


2003 06 21

Hurry, hurry the summer is here !!!


2003 10 18

I've been driving about 200 miles this summer but the Cruise-O-Matic
transmission dont work properly so I have to change it for a rebuilt one this winter.
Left to do is a powerful sound system, a few mouldings and some small details.

I'm sorry for the low quality in some pictures - high quality pics are coming.


2004 05 13

Almost done...
Rebuilt tranny mounted.
Just a few mouldings left to mount.
It is driveable though and we have been to a few local events.